Chad is a web consultant based in Marikina City, Philippines.

Graduated from Technological Institute of the Philippines with a Bachelor Degree in Computer Science. Chad started his career in Web Design in October 2011.

After graduated in 2007, He worked in Ministop Convenience Store as Assistant Store Manager. He develop his interpersonal skills by dealing with different types of customers everyday.

Two years after, he decided to leave and pursue a career in Information Technology. RVA Trading hired him as an IT and Research Development Staff. Chad enhance his skills in computer troubleshooting, installation and configuration. Chad continue looking for other opportunity. With his skills in computers, landed him a job in Isometric Diagonal Scheme as an IT Technical Support.

During his stay in IDS, he familiar himself in technical stuff like setting up workstations and configuration of local area networks.

Chad want to become a web designer. With his free time, he review and study his old notes in web design back in college particularly in HTML. Furthermore he search for other resources on the internet and look for video tutorials (posted on Youtube), W3schools and what not.

His constant seeking for knowledge about web designing drove him to a series of videos posted by Mike Locke (A Web Designer who have passion on teaching others about web design).

In 2011, Chad was hired as Web Master. He successfully became a part of Advance Web Metrics, a team which who caters web design services.

He applies what he learned during the past months. Time after time, he refine his design skills using Adobe Fireworks and Adobe Photoshop together with his coding skills in HTML and CSS .

In 2012, Chad received an email from a company which offers domain registration inviting him to be a part of their program as Creative Partner.

"Our company is currently promoting PH domains among businesses in our country. Talented freelance designers like you are a big part of our effort. I saw your portfolio and your creativity and style are stand outs. I would like to invite you to be part of our Creative Partners Program for a select group of web designers".

Chad continuously working on his design and coding skills and to become proficient in Front-end development. He landed several web design projects across globe.

And on the same year, he was hired as Web Designer at I-Fashion Marketing.

Web Designing is one of his passion. He enjoys designing and developing websites to help individuals and businesses to established brand awareness.

The following are his skills he used in creating and developing websites.