On this blog, I would like to talk about how content is very important for a website.

Content is the most important part for a website. Internet was designed to place information and people surf to find valuable information they need.

There are two types of Content, Text and Multimedia.

Text is a written content on the page. Text content also has good internal links to help readers get more information and aid in scanning the text.

Another type of content is Multimedia. It is any content that isn't text but this includes a lot of different things, such as animation, images, sound, video or what not.

There is a saying that content is king. In my opinion, yes content is king!

It plays vital role to drive traffics and on the same time visitors will continue visiting your website.

Update your content at least in a weekly basis to keep your site fresh and interesting and Search Engines are always looking for a website which offers information useful for their visitors.