Hello aspiring Web UI Designers. On this blog I would like to touch on some pointers on guiding you to become a web UI designer.

First thing is to have motivation and passion on everything we do.

In my opinion without this characteristic, we are just like a robot that commanded by someone without enjoying what we do. We don't want that to happen, enjoy things you do!

Second, you have to learn the basic of web designing. For those who just starting out their web design career it is very important to focus on essential things. For instance, you need to learn some basic graphic design software such as Adobe Photoshop, Fireworks or what not.

In addition to graphic design skills, you need to learn how to hand-code HTML and CSS.

And lastly, look for tutorials available on the Internet and learn more. Find someone a mentor who teaches passionately regarding on this matter. Practice every day to enhance and sharpen your skills.