On this blog post, I would like to talk about the importance of wireframe in our design process.

Wireframe is a very basic layout design of a website which does not include a great amount of colors, texts and images. It’s like a blueprint throughout the design which allows you to see the structural placement of the elements.

Wireframe helps us to define the features and functionality of the website.

The reason why wireframe is important and why we should include it in our design process is because it saves time. It is easy for us (designers) to alter the basic layout composition compare to multi-layered files in Photoshop.

Once the approved wireframe has been approved by the clients, then that’s the time we proceed to a more detailed colored visual design of the website.

There are many tools available in the internet for creating wireframes. You may check out Pencil Projects, an open-source prototyping tool that’s available for all platforms.