The moment I've encountered web design way back in college, I became interested and passionate on this field.

It is very interesting in a sense that you can show your artistic side through designing and your logical thinking by adding functionalities.

In my opinion, web design is a non-stop learning career for the reason that there's a lot of information needed to be learned.

There is a saying that practice makes perfect. That's true.

In web design for you to master your craft you have to practice it continuously.

When I was just starting out in my career as web designer, what I did was, I learn how to hand-code website using HTML and CSS. In addition, I also study how to design mock-up using Adobe Fireworks / Photoshop and tried other methods in creating websites.

Web design is a career not only earns money, but also a hobby on mine which I really enjoy doing. Every time I design and develop websites, I have the benefit of discovering new things, techniques and approach.

I must say that web design is one of the best career.

Keep on learning and be passionate in what you do.